Military Appreciation Days at South Campus

South Campus recently hosted Military Appreciation events with honored guest and military historian, Capt. Paul De Gaeta. On April 27, Capt. De Gaeta gave a lecture entitled, “History Makers, Lost and Found,” in which he discussed some of the more famous servicemen and women he has had the honor of interviewing. To date, he has collected more than 300 veterans’ histories that range from WWI to the Gulf War. On April 28, a panel of various College staff and administrators discussed ideas and ways the veteran centers an expand their scope, become recognized at a regional level, and how to reach out and attract more veteran students to San Jacinto College because of the services and support we provide. Veteran students also had a chance to speak and give suggestions of what they would like to see added to and improved on with the veteran centers. It was a very great discussion with lots of information and suggestions made on all sides.