Purchasing Tidbit- Changes to Sparkletts Water Delivery Service

Here is your latest edition of Purchasing Tidbits.  Please contact Contracts & Purchasing Services with any questions at contracts.purchasing@sjcd.edu or x6117.

Changes to Sparkletts Water Delivery Service:
·         Sparkletts will begin issuing a delivery receipt when water is delivered.  Please verify that the receipt matches the quantity and the items delivered. These receipts are for your records only.
·         Invoices are paid monthly by Budget Control and are automatically charged to the department FOAP that was provided at the time the delivery location was established.
·         Verify the delivery receipt items match the invoice payments. This can be checked in Banner screen FGITRND.
·         Budget Control has copies of the monthly invoices, not the delivery receipts, so please keep your own records accordingly.
·         Special order requests can be placed by calling Sparkletts at 1-866-307-6092.
·         For questions regarding new account set-up or changes to your current Sparkletts location, email Patsy Laredo in Contracts and Purchasing (patsy.laredo@sjcd.edu).

Helpful and Cost Saving Tips:
·         Save $$$ – Did you know a 5-gallon bottle of water is equivalent to over 1 1/2 cases of bottled water but costs less than half the price?
o   5-gallon bottle of water (640 oz.) = $2.49
o   Case of 16.9 oz bottles (406 oz.) = $5.99

·         Help San Jac “Go Green” by ordering 5-gallon water bottles and drinking from reusable cups.