SuccessFactors System Update

We are happy to announce some exciting changes happening to the look and feel of our SuccessFactors environment.  We have upgraded to a new version which has changed the look of the home page.  A sample screen shot of the new home page is provided below.

No functionality has changed – everything you are used to doing in SuccessFactors (IPPs, performance management, and SPARK Learning) is still there and will continue to be accessible from the Home drop-down menu in the upper left corner.  The ‘To-Do’ list is also still on the home page.
What will be different?
·         A site theme painted in the SJC color scheme
·         A new “home” icon next to the menu which will take you back to the home page from any location
·         A new “tile” interface which lets end users customize their tiles in the most functional layout
·         A new employee profile, along with a public profile
·         A “Links” tile with hyperlinks to College and Human Resources information

The public profile is information that is visible to any user in the SuccessFactors system.  Information in the profile is fed from Banner and includes title, department, location and contact information.  Photos are not currently available in the SuccessFactors system; however, they are planned for a future implementation.



We are excited about this new, more modern look to our site – we hope it makes your utilization of the system more user-friendly and accessible.

Please call or email Human Resources if you have any questions.