Hispanic Heritage Month Latino/a STEM Panel at South Campus

Latino STEM Panel Fall 2014 NASA items for STEM Panel 2014

On Thursday Oct. 16th the South Campus Hispanic Heritage Month Committee welcomed the following Latino/a STEM panelists:  George González, Director of Research and Institutional Effectiveness for San Jacinto College; Ana Velasco, Graduate Engineer with Walter P. Moore Civil Engineering; Dr. Rachel García, Department Chair for Chemistry, Geology, and Physics at San Jacinto College Central Campus; James Duron, retired NASA employee; and Daniel E. Ramírez, Software Engineer with Lockheed Martin and Contractor with NASA.

Several items from NASA showcased the items used in space by the astronauts:  Helmet, glove, food, mock shuttle model, and tile from the shuttle.

This is the second year that the Hispanic Heritage Committee and the Hispanic Scholarship Fund Scholars Chapter at San Jacinto College South Campus hosted this event.

Over 25 students and faculty participated attended this event.  The panelists gave brief presentations about their educational degrees, careers, and how their Hispanic Heritage has assisted them in the workplace.  All of the panelists encouraged those attending to finish their education and graduate from college.

The panelists also spoke with students in an informal and one-on-one manor in which they answered questions from students about their careers, and advice they have for current students.  The discussion revolved around the courses needed to excel in the workplace and that meant that there was plenty of science and math discussions taking place that afternoon.

Students left with a better awareness of what math and science courses they need to embrace no matter how hard so that they prepare themselves to succeed in the workplace. We are grateful for the time and energy the panelists devoted to the students of San Jacinto College South Campus and look forward to the following years event.