Important purchasing update

Ann Kokx-Templet, Director of Contracts and Purchasing Servicies, states there is a new requirement which requires all purchases utilizing TXMAS contracts to be manually entered into a separate online ordering system called TX SmartBuy.  This ordering system does not interface with Banner and the use of standing POs is not allowed.

In light of this new development, the purchasing staff is diligently seeking alternate sourcing options to utilize in lieu of the TXMAS cooperative contracts.   We hope to find competitively bid contracts  awarded through other cooperative agencies with whom we have agreements, but that may not always be an available option.  We will utilize all of our purchasing resources to find the best overall value for the goods and services you need and communicate our findings with the respective parties.

If we are unable to locate an alternate cooperative contract, we will initiate our own informal or formal quote process in order to comply with procurement law and College procedures.

Effective immediately we will begin migrating away from the use of all TXMAS contracts.    The College may still utilize some TXMAS contracts, but approval to do so will only be authorized on a case by case basis due to the duplicated manpower required to manually enter orders line by line into the SmartBuy system.

We will continually update the Board Approval summary located on the Exchange with new cooperative contract information as it becomes available.

Due to the breadth of vendor contracts this effects, I am requesting your assistance.  When you speak with TXMAS contract vendor representatives, inquire if their firm has a contract(s) awarded by other cooperative purchasing agencies and share that information with the Purchasing department.  You may send it directly to the buyer who handles the commodity or email

I have appealed to the Director of the TXMAS contracts program for an exemption to this new requirement, but my request was denied.  (He stated UT’s exemption request was also denied.)  I apologize for any  inconvenience this may cause your department and I appreciate your understanding while we migrate away from the use of TXMAS contracts.