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Here’s a staff testimonial:  “In my opinion, I think that the Schools App is a great tool for C&E!  Any time we can directly contact a student on a more personal level, I think it benefits our office.  I think for students, being able to ask questions and receive an answer not from a generalized source (like on our Career and Employment FB page) but from one of us personally, makes the student(s) feel like they have a closer and more comfortable relationship to our office. I think the more we can interact with students daily, the more we can reach them and encourage them to come to our office or approach us if they have questions/concerns/etc.”  – Brittany Bonds, San Jacinto College Career and Employment Center

Staff Profiles

You can now create a professional staff profile, separate from your personal Facebook account, to share your job title, campus, photo and contact information.  Students can easily connect with you and clearly identify official staff members in the app.


New Features

Directory on Mobile:  Find and communicate with people based on personal and academic interests such as major, residence hall, or hometown.

Favorites: Build a list of favorites to quickly find and keep in touch with staff and students.

Private, real-time messaging: Send a note with one tap on their iPhone or Android device and begin a private conversation.