Have you heard? News from AP

The end of the fiscal year is quickly approaching and it is important to have all current year transactions finalized in a timely manner.

Just a few friendly a reminder for year-end FY 13-14.
1.       Requisitions/Purchase Orders
Any requisitions related to FY 13-14 must be for Goods or Services to be delivered on or before August 29, 2014.
2.       Purchase Orders Balance – (FGIENCD)
Please verify any open purchase orders’ balance and determine if you have any invoices that have not been PAID.
3.       Closing of Standing Purchasing Orders –

  • If you have final invoices for the purchase order – please note on the invoice for AP to “FINAL PAY” the invoice  or
  • If you need the purchase order CLOSED, you will contact  Purchasing Dept. (Buyer is listed on the purchase order)

a.       Approving Authorities:
Please review FOAUAPP or SOS frequently You may approve out of order by un-checking next approver on FOAUAPP or selecting all documents on SOS.
b.      Originators:
You can check the approval queue by clicking on the Queue button on FOAUAPP.
You can email or call the appropriate approving authority to complete the approval process.

Please contact Accounts Payable if you have any questions or if we can be of assistance to you.

Thank you!