Insurance Premiums 2014 – 2015

On behalf of Human Resources- Benefits Office:

We have received many calls regarding the insurance premiums for fiscal year 2014-2015.  The information you received from ERS only takes into account what the state pays, and does not reflect the amount that SJC pays toward your monthly premiums.  As an added benefit for full-time employees, SJC pays part of the cost for health and dental insurance not covered by the state.  The College also pays for up to two times your annual salary in life insurance and the full premium for long-term disability.  Here is a breakdown of the costs and what will be deducted from your monthly or biweekly paycheck for each benefit beginning in September.

Please contact the benefits office if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Vickie Del Bello, Director – Ext. 6357
Brittany Waters, Benefits Coordinator – Ext. 6358
Dorothy Webster, Benefits Coordinator – Ext. 6325
Sara Aranda, Benefits Coordinator – Ext. 2661