Ride of Silence

On behalf of Ruben C. Ramirez Jr.

Approximately 100 cyclists took to the road at Memorial Park for the recent Ride of Silence, collecting more individual cyclists and bike clubs along the route, which greatly increased the number of riders to remember fallen cyclists in the Houston area. This is a global event held each year to remember injured or fallen riders.

Ricardo Martinez, Jessica Wild and Ruben Ramirez with the SJC Cycling Club participated in this event on Wednesday, May 21, in honor of Clyde J. Johnson. Mr. Johnson was a SJC North Campus student who passed away in April while biking. This is the first time the cycling club has participated in this ride.

Mentioned during the reflection at Tranquility Park was HPD officer Yadira Estrada, who has solved two hit-and-run fatalities involving cyclists this year. Officer Estrada is a San Jacinto College graduate from the criminal justice program and was a work-study student for the Student Success Center and for the Registrar’s Office. She now holds a master’s degree in criminal justice. She is a supporter of the SJC Cycling Club and is a bike-certified officer with HPD.

The SJC Cycling Club would like to extend its deepest condolences to the Johnson family for their loss.