Week of the Young Child parade and more!

On behalf of Kathy Sanchez

This week kicks off the BEAR necessity campaign to collect items such as clothes, food, diapers and toiletries to donate to children in the care of Child Protective Services.

April 7 -11 is the Week of the Young Child.  Each classroom has planned daily events for the children and parents.
7 April   Mad Scientist Monday:  Throughout the day we will be doing experiments and exploring terms.
8 April   Tasty Tuesday:  We will be ‘cooking’ a nutritious snack, with the help of a special friend from the Culinary Arts department.
9 April   Wednesday Words:  A special guest from the Library will come and share books with us.
10 April Terrific Thursday:  Children’s Center will have a parade in Parking Lot P6, at 9:30 am.
11 April Fun Day Friday:  Pajama day with brunch at 10:00 am, along with a movie.

On Thursday April 10, 2014 at 9:30 a.m. is the WOYC parade. North, South and Central campus children’s centers will have a parade at the exact same time and date. Our goal is to strengthen the one college vision by supporting and advocating for community involvement to invest in the early years of learning. There are many departments  that have been asked to be involved. We are hopeful that the Grand Marshal will be Sparky the fire dog, accompanied by the La Porte Fire Department, our own police department as well as students from the music department.  This event is open to the whole college and to all students.

The week of April 21, 2014, will include Awareness of Autism and Child Abuse Prevention.  For child abuse prevention, the Lab school will provide blue ribbons to families to tie around the playground fence to demonstrate our commitment and support the campaign to stop child abuse.