Tour de Houston San Jacinto College team!

On behalf of Ruben Ramirez —

Justin, Jessica, Nick, Ricardo and I recently participated in the Tour de Houston.

It was chilly at the start. Then came the rain. If that was not enough the temperature dropped. Just when it could not get worse, the wind kicked up for entertainment sake.

Everyone had a great time, despite the weather. Cheers to our riders!!  We made it through without any incidents or injuries.

Please enjoy the pictures. Also the Houston Chronicle has a where is Waldo photo of Jessica and I. Look for the SJC jersey.

Having jerseys made us recognizable in the crowd. Also, I did meet other riders who were former students. Got a lot of thumbs up from them.

Thank you Julie Blacksmith for the loan of the jersey.
Thank you to Student Life and Marketing, who made the jerseys possible.