OWI survey will test the ‘health’ of the College

San Jacinto College is conducting an Organizational Wellness Inventory throughout the College.  This is the same survey that all full-time employees and faculty completed in October 2011.

The Organizational Wellness Instrument is an online survey that assesses 10 dimensions which are critical to the success of the college.

The website for completing the Organizational Wellness Instrument will be open to all full-time faculty and employees in the first part of November.  Part-time employees and adjunct faculty should NOT participate in the assessment. 

Completing the Assessment:

The Organizational Wellness Instrument should take about 15-20 minutes of your time to complete.  You will receive an email with “how-to” complete instructions from your leader soon.

Commonly Asked Questions:

1.     Who should complete the OWI?

All full-time faculty and employees should complete the OWI.  Part-time employees, temporary employees, and adjunct faculty should NOT complete the OWI.

2.     Will my responses remain confidential?

Your responses to the assessment are confidential; however, you will be given the option to provide your name and demographic data about yourself if you choose.  Under no circumstances is it necessary for you to provide information about yourself.  We want this process to be fair and we want every employee and faculty member to be able to answer the assessment questions with complete honesty.

3.     How am I supposed to answer these questions?  Do I answer it from the perspective of the entire college, my campus, or my immediate work group?   

This is a very important point!  Employees need to answer the questions from the perspective of their immediate work group.  When the data is consolidated, we will have a better picture of the actual college climate and overall health if you answer specifically about your work group.

4.     What will the OWI assess?

The OWI assesses 10 dimensions of organizational health.  These dimensions are trust, learning, gratification, language, ownership, energy, change, interaction, creativity, and communication.

5.     How will this information be used?

The results from the 2013 OWI will be compared with baseline results so that we can identify positive and negative trends regarding the “health” of our College.  We will use this data to capitalize on our strengths and to identify our areas for improvement.

If you have questions, please contact:  Christi Gilchrist in the office of Organizational and Talent Development.