Email Signature Standards

A signature at the end of an email provides an opportunity to express the professionalism of the San Jacinto College community. On some occasions, employees commonly include personal quotes and slogans at the end of an email signature that could be interpreted by the recipient as inappropriate or offensive. Going forward, quotes, slogans, or pictures should not be included in the signature block of San Jacinto College emails. The information provided on the email signature standards website can be included in an email signature.  You do not have to include all of this information, however no other information should be included.

A guide has been developed to maintain the brand consistency for San Jacinto College. These Brand Standards provide tips, guidelines, and procedures for achieving a consistent look in all of the College’s communications. As part of the guide, a standardized email signature format has been designed and this is the email signature standard that should be utilized. Refrain from using backgrounds on emails as this greatly increases the file size. Employees are not required to use any of the College brand marks in an email signature.  However, if an employee does chose to use a College brand mark, these are guidelines for using them. All college brand marks are downloadable from the Marketing website.

The email signature should be set in a 12 pt. Times New Roman font using black or an official college color.  The employee name and web address are bolded.

For more information, including instructions on how to add an email signature in Microsoft Outlook, visit the email signature standards website.

Any additional questions should be directed to your direct supervisor.

Thank you.