HR introducing Electronic Personnel Action Forms

The College will introduce Banner’s Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF) function to non-Human Resources employees in October 2013.  EPAFs allow for paperless processing of personnel actions.  They are intended to replace the current usage of Personnel Action Request (PAR) paper forms.  EPAFs are simple, concise and allow many values or data elements to default into the form without manual data entry.

The Human Resources team will be offering training sessions for EPAFs in October for those employees who normally complete or approve the current paper PAR forms.  Training will be offered both in person as well as computer-based and registration will occur in SPARK.  We will be sending out a follow-up communication regarding training dates and locations later this week.  Please note that training is mandatory in order to utilize the EPAF system.  Our goal is to eliminate the paper PAR forms by December 2, 2013.

Benefits of Self-Service EPAFs:
·        Transactions are processed in a timely manner
·        Supports the green initiative by eliminating paper processing
·        Reduced data entry error
·        Ability to track the location of EPAFs in the system

Additionally, the Human Resources, Payroll and ITS departments have worked diligently to offer various innovative solutions to the College.  Web Time Entry Phase I for Part Time, Non-Teaching Employees, Benefits Open Enrollment, and EPAFs for Human Resources staff are a few initiatives that have been implemented in 2013, with several other initiatives coming this fiscal year.

Shanna Dement
San Jacinto College
Director, Compensation & HRIS | Human Resources