Congratualtions to the Fall 2013 Student Success Initiative Grant Recipients!

The Foundation is pleased to announce the fall 2013 Student Success Initiative Grant recipients:
RECIPIENTS:                                             PROJECTS:
Michael Kane                                              Phi Beta Lambda National Leadership Conference for students
Stephen Lopez & Dr. Deborah Myles          Hispanic Heritage Month
Ann Cartwright & Kelly Mizell                      “Partners in STEM” Houston Science Museum
Betty Woodfill                                               College Prep Awards Program
Jerry Ivins                                                      Continued Matching Scholarship Fund
Todd Allison & Scott Hairston                        Art of Space and Science – NASA
Joy Thompson-Grim                                       Education Symposium-Become Teacher
Maria Donaire-Cirsovius                                 Borderlands – Hispanic Heritage Month
Les Williams                                                      Victor Wooten Concert (Bass Extremes)
Michael Mizma                                                  Balance – Steel Band
Michael Mizma                                                  Carnaval of the Animals – ensembles
MaryKate Flanagan                                           Maritime Logistics Scholarships for Adult Learner
Dolores Aquino, Ann Cartwright, Rachel Garcia,   Sci. Serv. Learn.: From Classroom to Community
Elisabeth Harthcock & Ruben Ramirez
Angela C. Beyer                                                 Weekend Recording Workshop with David Eaton
Noorjehan Abdullah & Karen Malloy                 Maternal Newborn Nursing-Assessment of Progression of Labor
Karen Marston                                                         Resonance Brass Choir Concert & Residency
Jaynie Mitchell                                                          Campus Connections for Pasadena Early HS Stu.
Martha Braswell                                                        Ars Lyrica “Texas Early Music Festival”
Diana Wolfe & Erin Callahan                                   Culture Vulture
Amanda Rose, Ellie Meyer, Erin Lewis                  San Jacinto College Food Pantry
Daryl Morse & Deborah Smith                                Energy Education & Career Corps Internships
Kaye Moon Winters                                                   Never2Late2Achieve: Digital Literacy
Keisha Smoke                                                            SJCC Fall Festival at Channelview HS
Lynne Brandt & Timothy Kochen                          GCIC Jazz Festival/Guest Clinician
Katy Rudisill                                                               Nights in the City: Expanding Learning Horizons
Shannon Solis                                                             Promote College Prep Retention during Finals
Linda Harrison                                                           Community Outreach: Bring Girl Scouts to SJC
Sara Malloy                                                                  Water-Bot MATE Competition Teams
Bret Nelson & Karen Hattaway                                Broadening Perspectives: Interdisciplinary Student  Experiences …

We are excited about funding these great opportunities to support student success.  We appreciate the effort it took to develop
these ideas and submit the proposals.  We encourage everyone to consider applying for a grant from the SJC Foundation.  Your ideas bring
success to so many.  Congratulations to each of you!  You will be contacted individually for the specific details of your funding.

As a reminder, the next deadline for submission will be November 22, 2013.  Please mark your calendar and plan to submit your proposals.

The application can be found at  Feel free to contact Marjo Stach X2503 for application  information.