Martinez participates in UNESCO project

Modern languages instructor Juan Martinez recently traveled to Belgrade, Serbia assisting in a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) project.

Monks from the Visoki Decani Serbian Orthodox Monastery created a documentary about the preservation efforts, Serbian Orthodox Church traditions, and the importance of their monastery, highlighting frescos depicting the resurrection of Christ. Originally produced in Serbian, UNESCO project will allow the documentary to be produced in a number of other languages. Having visited the monastery a few times prior to the project, Martinez established a connection with the surrounding community members, who contacted him and asked for his assistance in translating the documentary in Spanish.

“They were very pleased to ask me to do this because I have knowledge concerning the monastery, its art, and the history of Medieval Serbian culture,” said Martinez. “As a modern languages instructor at South Campus, I believe it is important not only to perform our duties as faculty, but also to engage in global cultural issues. I firmly believe that our students benefit from inquisitive and engaged faculty in areas of study that underscore the diverse and complex world we live in. This can only better prepare our students to tackle the world and to make them aware of other cultures, other world views, and expand their horizons when it comes to their own personal development and understanding of themselves.”

For more information on the Visoki Decani Serbian Orthodox Monastery, visit Below are photos Martinez captured of the monastery.