Facebook Live Chat

What is a Facebook Live Chat?
Facebook Live Chats are live discussions conducted on the San Jacinto College main Facebook page.

How does it work?
Scylla Lopez schedules two Facebook Live Chats each month, with the chat usually starting around 11 a.m.   Scylla can meet with you at your office, or you could meet her at the Marketing Office.  The chat lasts an hour long.
We would initiate the chat by asking students what questions they have about the topic.  From there, we respond to each question as they are posted.  We would also share information on that particular topic.  For example, if the topic was Financial Aid, we would post a link on how to apply for financial aid.
This is a great way for our students to learn more about the College and our services.

Scheduling a Live Chat
As mentioned above, Scylla Lopez schedules two chats each month.  Scylla is always looking to schedule chats.  There is actually a spot available for May.
If you are interested in having a live chat, contact Scylla at scylla.lopez@sjcd.edu or 281.991.2602.