We will be sharing some social media news…

We will be sharing some social media news and tips every week.  This is a great way to utilize some of the knowledge we receive through online articles and blogs.  If you ever have any questions or concerns about social media, please feel free to email or call Scylla Lopez.

Social Media Tip #1

Ask questions!  In the post below, we received over 40 comments.  This was a simple question.  Questions can easily spark discussion, but you will need to be careful about what you ask.  You don’t want to ask something that is too controversial, because we all know how those threads could go.  Asking questions encourages interaction.  You want your “Likers” to interact with your post as much as possible.  Also, some of the feedback you get from the questions could be used as a great discussion in the classroom.

SM Tip #1 - Ask Questions