Our deepest condolences to Jeannie Peng-Armao on the recent passing of her grandfather, Chou Tien Peng.

Chou Tien Peng, 93, of Roosevelt Island, passed away on Friday, May 3. Mr. Peng was the founder of the New York Hunan Association and contributor to numerous Chinese American charitable foundations. He is survived by his wife, Ellen Peng, and his four children, Belle Peng Ku, Jackson Peng, Julie Peng Wang, and Ivan Peng. He is predeceased by his daughter, Chu hua (Rebecca) Peng. He is also survived by nine grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Services for his funeral will be held at Chun Fook Funeral Services, located at 134-35 Northern Blvd. in Flushing, Queens. A service and viewing will take place from 5-7p.m. on Friday, May 10, followed by a burial service at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, May 11.

Jeannie is a Senior Communications Coordinator in the Marketing, Public Relations, and Government Affairs office.