Nominations for Staff Org

The SO is currently seeking nominations from all staff that are in the GRADE 1-27 to serve as representatives on the Staff Org .
We are looking for three staff members from each campus total of -9 nine
We are looking for a staff maint person from each campus total of -3 three
We are looking for police officer from the district wide total of -1-one
We are looking for an IT person from district wide total of -1- one
We are looking for a staff person from district total -1- one

This is a total of 15 personal to make up the new Staff Org committee.
You can nominate yourself of anyone else for this committee. Just to tell a little about the SO there are issues brought to the SO, and those things are then presented to the proper hierarchy if needed to be resolved .
We will be accepting nominations from now until May 10. Voting will be done May 13-15 and all new reps will be announced on May 16 or 17.
If you want a challenge and are excited about your college and your position at San Jac, join the SO!