“Rindu” by the late Eric Muirhead

RinduCover with text

Rindu, a novel of expatriate life in East Malaysia by the late Eric Muirhead, is now available. Muirhead taught at San Jacinto College for 20 years before he passed away last year. His newest book is about a young man who steps off a yacht on a pristine island, Labuan, and works in a fabrication yard building jackets and decks as a quality control supervisor. The life of the Iban welders, engineers and expatriates, the beauty of the island and the waters, the passion of the women for the men and each other, the incredible fecundity of the Orient all contribute to the first real saga of oil men overseas.  Readers will feel what it is like walking 150 feet above the sand on the jacket leg, or diving into Brunei Bay or sitting with their lover in the Mandarin Hotel in Singapore.

Muirhead was born in Dallas, Texas, and graduated cum laude from Yale before moving to Houston, leaving medical school to drive a taxi. Cab Tales was his first novel, the second edition of which is published by Ink Brush Press. Graduating from Rice University with a master’s degree in English literature, he then moved to Labuan, East Malaysia for eight years with his wife, building a 53- foot gaff-rigged schooner on the beach and sailing it across the Pacific to Hawaii. Teaching at Chadwick School, Palos Verdes, Calif, he wrote Rindu.  Upon his return to Houston, he began teaching at San Jacinto College. His third novel, Eden’s Abyss, is about a teacher in a private school. A collected edition of his poetry and an English translation of all of Nietzsche’s poetry will be available. His website is Ericmuirhead.net.