North Campus cosmetology club news

“I am proud to be an advisor for the cosmetology club,” said North Campus cosmetology instructor Cynthia Woodcock. “The club represents cosmetology students in a professional and inspiring way.”

Through fundraisers, the cosmetology club enables student members to attend international hair shows, which helps them succeed as students and opens career opportunities.

Below are examples of former students who have benefited by attending international hair shows.

• Chadwick Godfrey was the club vice president and attended the Premiere Orlando Hair show in Florida. He made connections that led to him becoming the hairstylist for Miss Teenage Texas. Chadwick was featured on the Times Square marquee while performing a style on Miss Teenage Texas for the Miss Teenage USA pageant. He is now the Manager of a salon in Chicago.

• Roberta Garcia also attended the Premiere Orlando Hair Show in Florida. She won a styling contest presented by Paul Mitchell. Roberta is now the owner of a salon in Humble, and is on the San Jacinto College North advisory committee.

• Vanessa Castillo attended a hair show in San Antonio, where she made connections that involved her in platform work. Vanessa is now a member of the advisory board and works at a high-end salon in Houston. Since graduation she has also studied in Italy.

• Ali Tilton was the club secretary and attended the Premiere Orlando Hair Show. Ali now leases a chair and participates in many of the alumni events for the cosmetology department. Ali is also part of a team that is participating in New York’s fashion week.

• Rebecca Mullinex was a night student who attended the Premiere Orlando Hair Show. Rebecca made connections at the show that led to participation in the development and presentation of the hair and makeup for the cover of Modern Salon Magazine. The event is taking place in New York City during fashion week. “It is the club’s honor and privilege to attend a hair show in New York City at the same time this is happening with Rebecca,” Woodcock commented. “We will be meeting with Rebecca and her team while we are there.”