New HR team offers solutions, support, success

The Organizational and Talent Development team includes, from left, Emily Earnest, Gabriel Rodriguez, Christi Gilchrist, and Susan Temple.

You may have noticed some new faces in Human Resources recently. About six months ago, HR began to offer a new service called Organizational and Talent Development.

The Organizational and Talent Development team provides learning and development opportunities for teams, employees, and leaders. The team provides services in the areas of organizational development, leadership development, team development, onboarding for new employees, and succession planning.

“The implementation of an Organizational and Talent Development function is a notable event for the College,” commented Susan Temple, Vice-President of Organizational Development. “It demonstrates the commitment that College leadership has for the current and future success of employees and leaders. Furthermore, it demonstrates their commitment to the ongoing success of the College and its students. We are excited to be offering employees and leaders services that will help them meet the dynamic and fast-paced challenges that affect today’s higher education work environment.”

Services provided by the Organizational and Talent Development team include:

Organizational development services include conducting organizational assessments, creating improvements to team work flow and structure, and assisting individuals and teams with implementing and adapting to the changing work environment.

Leadership development includes formal training programs and assessment tools for leaders.  Future plans include implementing mentoring and feedback programs.  In addition, individual development plans and on-demand learning opportunities will be provided to all employees.

Team development focuses on creating team unity through training programs, assessments, and customized programs that improve team communication and performance.

Succession planning is designed to provide developmental opportunities for employees to support their career goals and to achieve the goals of the College.  These opportunities may include special assignments, lateral or upward assignments, or mentoring

The Organizational and Talent Development team is currently creating three new programs that will launch in spring 2013.

The leadership development program will be anchored in our College values as well as on the key competencies leaders need to be successful.  It will focus on leadership foundations, enhancing personal leadership skills, leading others to maximize performance, and leading the College to create a dynamic future. “As we face a growing number of challenges in higher education, the demands of leadership are greater than ever before,” said Gabriel Rodriguez, Director of Leadership Development. “We are committed to increasing leadership capacity and capability in order to meet these future requirements.”

The team development workshop will use a highly interactive format that uses a variety of assessments to identify the strengths and development opportunities for the team. The workshop will include topics such as increasing emotional intelligence within the team, thinking preferences, team roles, giving and receiving feedback, and effective team practices.

An enhanced Onboarding program will be implemented for staff and administrative employees.  New employees will attend this one-day welcome session within their first month of employment.  “We are excited about our onboarding program,” remarked Christi Gilchrist, Director of Organizational Development. “It introduces new employees to San Jacinto College, who we are, what we do, and how we help our students achieve their goals. Our goal is to create pride in being a part of our institution from day 1 of employment. We hope to expand this program to include current employees so that all employees can learn more about the impressive achievements of San Jacinto College.”

The Organizational and Talent Development team is dedicated to furthering the success of our College by providing leaders, employees, and teams with innovative Solutions and Support that will ensure the current and future Success of San Jacinto College.

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