North Campus hosts Fall Fest in Galena Park

The North Campus recently hosted a Fall Fest at Galena Park High School as a way of connecting with the community, and to showcase San Jacinto College programs.

There was a large turnout of San Jacinto College students, faculty, staff members, recruiters, financial aid advisors, etc. But more importantly, there was a large turnout of Galena Park High School students and Galena Park residents.

“People of the community saw us smiling, being of service, and being happy to be among our students and families, enjoying their neighborhood and our community.” commented North Campus President Dr. Allatia Harris. “We deepened our friendship with our ISD and built even stronger bridges for our students to access the pathway to opportunity. I think our high school students saw us in a different light, and I think the parents and young families saw us in still another way. We offer something for everyone, and our community saw an example of that.”

Kudos and congratulations to everyone who helped to make the fall festival successful, including the core coordinators – Clare Iannelli, Ludith Gonzalez, Christine Torres, Dr. Richard Bailey, Dr. Harris, Erin Lewis, Alfredo Gomez, Shawn Silman, Josh Johnson, Tami Kelly, Deanna Clark, Art Escobar, Rita Harris, Louis Dorsey, Dave Gardner, and Andrea Mitchen.