North Campus supports a worthy cause

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Educational Planning and Counseling employees at the North Campus recently coordinated events to stress the importance of breast cancer awareness.

Breast cancer survivor Theresa Powell, North Campus Division Operations Coordinator for health science, was the keynote speaker at a candle-lighting ceremony. “Early detection is vital in the fight against breast cancer, and it is what saved me,” she commented. “Breast cancer can happen to anyone, at any stage in a person’s life. I was only 32 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and there was no history of breast cancer in my family.”

A group of about 90 employees formed a large, pink, human ribbon (the official symbol of support of breast cancer initiatives) in the North Campus gym. After the human ribbon event, and the candle-lighting ceremony, employees and students gathered in the Monument Room for a meet-and-greet to learn about breast cancer education initiatives.

Christine Torres and Sharon Himes served as the main coordinators of the events. Others who provided key assistance include Clare Iannelli, Deborah Longtine, Ana Martinez, Alfredo Gomez, Louis Dorsey, Jerry Wallace, Eric Taylor, Allison Roper, Kathy Knapp, Senta Eastern, Andrea Mitchen, Erin Lewis, Lore Alvarez, Danette Conaway, and Rob Vanya.