Y’all ready for this?

North Campus welcomes new employees

North Campus faculty and staff prepared for the Fall 2012 semester with a full day of seminars and workshops recently at the annual Campus Community Day.

New employees (as well as employees who are assuming new positions) are shown in the photo above. The group includes (front row), from left: Jeanine Wycough, Xenia Conquy, Cody Pogue, Jessica Davenport, Loreanna Alvarez, Tami Kelly, Ali Shah, and LaToya Gilmore; (back row) Dr. Lamar McWaine, Tino Guajardo, Shannon Solis, Mary Henderson, Police Chief Bill Taylor, MaryKate Flanagan, Louis Dorsey, David Neely, Keith Richards, and Anton Solovyov.

Kudos to all who coordinated the motivational and very informative event, and good luck to all employees during the 2012-2013 academic year.