San Jac history quiz results

Congratulations to the five people who won the San Jacinto College Decades History Quiz contests, which were part of the College’s 50th Anniversary celebration staged throughout the 2011-2012 academic year.

And the winners were (pass the envelope, please — drum roll in background) —

1960s — North Campus student Lucia Montano

1970s — South Campus student Mercy Jernigan

1980s — Payroll Accounting Assistant Brittany Waters

1990s — Enrollment Services Processor Kristen Smith

2000s — South Campus Lab Supervisor Cheryl McPherson

For all you history buffs, below is a complete copy of the Decades History Quiz questions & answers. See how many questions you can answer correctly without peeking at the answers. HEY !!! I said no peeking at the answers !!!

1960s Questions —

  1. What was the first name of the College District?
  2. San Jacinto College officially opened on what date (day and year)?
  3. The first class to enroll included how many students?
  4. The first graduating class in 1962 included how many students?
  5. The basketball team won the College’s first national championship in 1968. Who was the head coach, and who was the star player?
  6. Who was the first President of San Jacinto College, and how much was his annual salary?
  7. What were the names of the first student newspaper, the first yearbook, and the first College mascot?
  8. What is the name of the first classroom building to open at the permanent Central campus site on Spencer Highway in Pasadena?
  9. When were the final classes held at the original campus (the temporary site in old downtown Pasadena)?
  10. The San Jacinto College District was formed to serve which five public school districts?

1960s Answers

  1. East Harris County Union Junior College District
  2. September 18, 1961
  3. 876
  4. 5
  5. Ron Rucker was the head coach. Ollie Taylor was the star player, who was also named a first-team All-American.
  6. Dr. Thomas Spencer; $18,000
  7. The Texian; The Monument; The Ravens
  8. The Vincent Henrich Science Building, which opened in the fall of 1962
  9. May, 1964
  10. Deer Park, La Porte, Galena Park, Pasadena, and Channelview independent school districts

1970s Questions —

  1. When did SJC hire its first female athletic coach, and what was her name?
  2. What are the names of the first two buildings that opened at the North campus, and when were the buildings opened?
  3. When did the Central campus launch weekend classes to supplement evening and traditional daytime courses?
  4. When did classes officially begin at the South campus?
  5. In November 1971 the College got permission to use which high school for night classes as plans proceeded for the North campus?
  6. In May 1975 seven students participated in the first graduation ceremony of San Jacinto College North. Where was the ceremony held?
  7. In January 1977 plans were made for construction of a new learning resource center at the North campus to house a library, a bookstore, cafeteria, student lounges, and various classrooms. The building was later significantly modified. What is it now called?
  8. When was the decision made to move the men’s baseball program from the Central to the North campus?
  9. In April 1979 the Central campus’ Phi Theta Kappa honor society achieved a significant accomplishment. What was it?
  10. In fall 1979 the Central campus launched a new intramural sports program. Students could compete in which sports?

1970s Answers —

  1. December 1974; Donna Spencer
  2. The Spencer Academic Administration Building, and the Nichols Health and Education Building; December 1975.
  3. Spring 1976
  4. September 4, 1979
  5. North Shore High School
  6. Woodforest Presbyterian Church
  7. The Slovacek Student Center
  8. April 1977
  9. It was named the outstanding PTK chapter in the nation.
  10. Flag football, racquetball, table tennis, pool and volleyball.

1980s Questions —

  1. Which San Jacinto College athletic team won national championships in March 1983, and in March 1984?
  2. Which SJC athletic team won five national championships from 1985 through 1990?
  3. Which SJC coach was named the NJCAA coach of the year in March 1986?
  4. Which San Jacinto College athletic team won a national championship in May 1987?
  5. Which SJC coach was named the NJCAA Coach of the Year for the third consecutive year in June 1987?
  6. Which SJC athletic team won a national championship in November 1987?
  7. In December 1987, which San Jacinto College administrator became the first person to be inducted into the Pasadena Hall of Fame for both his civic and athletic achievements?
  8. What is the name of the SJC graduate who led the College’s basketball team to national titles in 1983 and 1984, and who was selected to play for the Houston Rockets in February 1989?
  9. In the summer of 1989, the Central campus got a $4 million facelift. What was the key component in that construction project?
  10. In December 1989, the College celebrated the opening of two new buildings – one at the North campus, and one at the South campus. Name the buildings.

1980 Answers —

  1. The men’s basketball team
  2. The men’s baseball team
  3. The women’s track coach Judy Harrison
  4. The women’s track team
  5. The men’s baseball coach Wayne Graham
  6. The women’s volleyball team (and Coach Becky Lidolph was named the NJCAA Coach of the Year)
  7. Dr. Tom Sewell, who was the SJC Chancellor at the time
  8. Walter Berry
  9. Lighted walkways that connect major buildings on campus
  10. The Ruede Wheeler Occupational and Technical Building at the North campus, and the J.D. Bruce Student Center at the South Campus

1990s Questions —

  1. What new building addition opened at the Central Campus in February 1991?
  2. What is the name of the Central Campus professor who won a prestigious national Woman of the Year award in April 1991?
  3. In February 1992, San Jacinto College launched a Minority Recruiting Office to help recruit and enroll minority students. From 1988 to 1990, minority student enrollment increased from 5.1 percent to ____ percent at all three SJC campuses? (Fill in the blank).
  4. In November 1992, for the first time in the College’s history, the South Campus men’s soccer team qualified for the regional tournament. What is the name of the team’s coach at the time?
  5. In September 1993, construction began on which new facilities at the North and South campuses?
  6. In October 1994, the North Campus launched its first ever dual credit program with which school district?
  7. In January 1995, the College launched an innovative partnership involving six school districts in which eighth-graders visited the three campuses to get a sample of college life. What was the name of the program?
  8. In December 1995, trustees voted to discontinue which athletic program?
  9. In April 1996, the College offered its first-ever “distance learning” class so that students could take a course over the Internet. Which course was the first distance learning class?
  10. In spring 1997, the College launched a new athletics program. Which campus housed the new program, what is the name of the sport, and what was the name of the first head coach?

1990s Answers —

  1. The new student services wing at the Central Campus opened, housing a testing center, counseling services, admissions office, financial aid, and offices of the president and academic dean.
  2. English professor Jo Nell Sweet was named the American Association of Women in Community and Junior Colleges “Woman of the Year.”
  3. 10 percent
  4. Ben Hunter
  5. New libraries
  6. Channelview ISD
  7. Project Start Trek
  8. The Central Campus track program
  9. Psychology
  10. The South Campus, women’s softball, Carrie Austgen

2000s Questions —

  1. What athletic program was discontinued by San Jacinto College in April 2001 due to budget constraints?
  2. In October 2001, construction began on several new SJC facilities. Name the capital improvement projects.
  3. In May 2003, the College implemented a new system that enabled students to register, make payments, change degree plans, search class schedules, view grades and transcripts, and handle other important services over the Internet. What is the name of the online system?
  4. In September 2005, the College opened new centers on all 3 campuses that provided free peer tutoring, counseling, career testing, and other helpful resources for students. What were the centers called?
  5. In January 2006, the College launched an innovative service that allowed students to order textbooks and study material over the Internet. What was the service called?
  6. In spring 2007, the College started a program in which SJC advisors/counselors would be staffed at area high schools to provide students with career testing and counseling, financial aid information, enrollment services workshops, and college registration assistance. What is the name of the program?
  7. In April 2007, SJC partnered with Clear Creek ISD to create an early college high school so that students could take high school and college courses concurrently. What is the name of the school, and where is it located?
  8. In June 2007, a prominent businesswoman and civic leader made history as the first woman to be elected as chairwoman of the San Jacinto College board of trustees. What is her name?
  9. In July 2007, the Central Campus launched a student organization to help “non-traditional” students (25 and older) in the areas of college admissions, registration, financial aid, social networking, and counseling. What is the name of the organization?
  10. In May 2008, SJC patrons approved a $295 million bond measure to finance new facilities and upgrades at all three campuses, including new science facilities, new allied health facilities, a new automotive technology center, new student support facilities, and numerous renovations. How high was the approval margin in the bond election?

200s Answers —

  1. The tennis program at the Central Campus was discontinued. The College had operated the NJCAA athletic program for 20 years.
  2. Construction began on new interactive learning centers at all three campuses, a new music building at the Central Campus, and new fine arts centers at the North and South campuses.
  3. SOS, which stands for Secure Online System
  4. Student Success Centers
  5. The online e-bookstore
  6. The Shared Counselor program
  7. Clear Horizons Early College High School. The first floor of the south wing of the South Campus administration building is the Clear Horizons’ campus.
  8. Marie Flickinger
  9. Never Too Late
  10. Voters approved the 2008 bond election by a 3-to-1 margin.