Reliant Launches Beat the Heat Centers, Summer Assistance Programs

If you, or someone you know, is having a tough time battling the heat, Reliant has launched its beat the heat centers, which will be open through October. Below is the news release from Reliant regarding the Centers, and a summer assistance program. Please use extreme caution in the heat, drink lots of water, and be careful!

Reliant’s low-income customers will get relief from Texas temperatures and summer electricity bills through several summer assistance programs announced today, including Beat the Heat Centers in Houston, Dallas and Corpus Christi, free home energy monitors to help manage electricity use, bill payment assistance and flexible payment options.
“If last summer’s record-breaking heat is a predictor of this summer’s temperatures, making sure our customers have access to programs that provide relief from the Texas heat and high electricity bills is a priority for us,” said Reliant President Jason Few. “Our Beat the Heat Center partnerships in Dallas, Corpus Christi and Houston are among several of the programs we have in place to assist our customers this summer. We are happy to be working with leaders in each of these cities to provide some relief as the summer heats up.”
For the seventh consecutive year, Reliant is sponsoring Beat the Heat Centers in Houston to provide a place for individuals to stay cool during the heat of the day and minimize their home electricity use. This is the third year for Beat the Heat Centers in Dallas and Corpus Christi. The centers are available to anyone who is looking for a respite from the summer heat.
To help Houstonians stay cool, Reliant is donating $20,000 to help fund the city’s program to provide air conditioning units to those in need. Customers who qualify are urged to call the United Way Helpline 2-1-1 to be enrolled. The company is also participating in a Corpus Christi citywide fan drive to benefit Nueces County residents and will donate $1,000 to the effort.
In addition, Reliant outlined the details of various assistance programs available to qualified customers including:

  • Nearly $800,000 to assist low-income and elderly residential customers pay their electricity bills through CARE (Community Assistance from Reliant Energy);
  • Nine Beat the Heat Centers in Corpus Christi, Dallas and Houston to provide heat relief in high-need areas;
  • Deposit installment plans for qualified low-income residential customers;
  • Extensions and payment plans for qualified residential customers;
  • Dedicated agents to help customers who need social agency assistance;
  • Average billing to help manage bill payments during the hottest months of the year for qualified residential customers;
  • Free home energy monitors for low-income customers in the Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth areas who live in single-family homes with smart meters to provide near real-time information about electricity use and an estimate of the bill to date;
  • Access to new online tools, devices and technology to better manage their account and control electricity usage; and
  • Free weekly emails and text updates providing daily, weekly, and monthly usage and cost information, including a projected monthly bill.

For more information on any of these programs, customers can call 1-866-RELIANT. Connect with Reliant on Facebook at and on Twitter @reliantenergy.