Thank you Dr. Bailey

Dr. Richard Bailey, North Campus vice president for learning, got a lot of much-deserved thanks during a recent surprise appreciation party, staged at the North Campus child development laboratory school and childcare center.

Once a month for the past six months, Dr. Bailey has been spending an hour of quality educational time with young children who are part of the Head Start program at the childcare center. During his visits, he reads from selected books and interacts with the children, bringing to life the stories in the books, and instilling a love for reading to his little listeners.

The mentoring activity is part of a Head Start program called REAL — Read, Excel, Achieve, Lead.

Kudos to those who coordinated the appreciation party, including Elizabeth Bell, Marisa Murillo, Gayle Reynolds, Kathy Greenway, Christine Ortiz-Gatlin, and Melissa Belza.