Employee of the Quarter

Roy Brindley

Roy Brindley was recently selected as the Employee of the Quarter for the Facilities and Construction Department.

Originally from Tennessee, Roy has been in the Southeast Texas area for over 30 years. He came to work at San Jacinto College in 1983, where has performed numerous roles including heavy equipment operator, carpenter, furniture maker, locksmith and electronic access control system technician.

As one of the two college locksmiths, Roy has the challenging task of helping assure customers have keys produced in a timely manner, yet maintaining compliance with college access control safety policy, and maintaining an inventory of the 8,000+ keys produced for the College.

Regardless of the deadlines for commissioning new buildings, dealing with broken badge reader systems, repairing doors or just making employees new keys for any one of the thousands of locks in the college, Roy always delivers.

Roy demonstrated his excellent service when producing the keys for the new South Campus Welcome Center. John Boggs, South Campus Evening Dean, is often involved with keys and access control. Recently, John had to arrange for access to the new Welcome Center at South Campus. “Despite having a challenging task, Roy met the request with a quick, accurate delivery,” Boggs said. “This was a complex request, involving large quantities of keys for several different departments requiring a variety of access levels. Thanks to Roy, the entire process has proceeded very smoothly. Thanks, Roy!”