McWaines earn doctorate degrees

DeRhonda and Lamar McWaine, shown in photo above with their daughter Sierra and son Logan, recently earned doctorate degrees from Capella University.

DeRhonda was awarded a PhD in Psychology with a specialization in Education, and Lamar earned a PhD in Education with a specialization in Leadership for Higher Education.

DeRhonda serves as Coordinator for Student Success at the North Campus, and Lamar is the North Campus Student Life Coordinator.

So, now that there are two doctors in the McWaine household, who is the real boss? DeRhonda’s answer: “Well, the kids call us Dr. #1 (me) and Dr. #2 (Lamar), so …”

Lamar’s answer: “No comment.” (See, getting his doctorate already made Lamar considerably smarter).

Congratulations to Dr. Lamar, and Dr. DeRhonda for their milestone achievement, and keep up the good work!