Meningitis FAQs

All new, incoming San Jacinto College students under the age of 30 must receive a vaccination or booster against bacterial meningitis, which includes dual credit students, and transfer students. The following Frequently Asked Questions list provides important information about the new requirement, which is mandated by state law.


  1. What is the requirement?
    1. The Texas Legislature now requires that all incoming Texas college students under 30 years of age must submit evidence that they have received a vaccination or booster against bacterial meningitis.
  1. What if I am 30 or older?
    1. You are not required to submit evidence of receiving the vaccination against bacterial meningitis if you are 30 years of age or older by the first day of the semester in which you enroll.
  1. I am currently enrolled at San Jacinto College for Fall 2011, must I receive the vaccination?
    1. Although it might be a wise health decision to receive the vaccination, you are not required by the college to receive the vaccination or provide documentation.

However, if you transfer to another college or university the statute will apply to you.

Also, you must be continually enrolled.  Should you not register for a Fall or Spring term and then wish to enroll again, you will be required to receive the vaccination if you are under 30.

  1. I am already registered for Spring 2012 and am required to receive the vaccination.  What happens if I don’t?
    1. If you don’t furnish the college with evidence you have received the vaccination by January 12, 2012 you will be withdrawn from your classes.
  1. How do I prove I am in compliance?
    1. Submit one of the following:
      1. i.     Certification from a physician or clinic that the student has been vaccinated during the five-year period immediately preceding and at least 10 days prior to the first day of class.
      2. ii.     An immunization record from a state or local health authority or an official record received from a state official (must be within 5 years).
      3. iii.     A completed, signed, and dated copy of San Jacinto College’s Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination Verification Form.  Form is available for download at:
  1. Where do I submit verification?
    1. You may submit your paperwork to the Enrollment Services Office on any campus or by fax at the following locations:

Central Campus

8060 Spencer Hwy., Pasadena, TX 77505

North Campus

5800 Uvalde Road, Houston, TX 77049

South Campus

13735 Beamer Rd., Houston, TX 77089


By fax to 281-669-4720

  1. I am transferring to San Jacinto College from another college.  Must I comply with this regulation?
    1. Yes
  1. I intend to enroll in a non-credit, Continuing and Professional Development course.  Does the law impact me?
    1. No.  As long as your course or program is less than 360 contact hours and you are not taking a linked course.
  1. I am auditing a course.  Does this apply to me?
    1. Yes
  1. I am currently in high school and will be taking Dual Credit or Early Admission courses.  Does this apply to me?
    1. Yes
  1. I will only be taking Distance Learning classes that are 100% online.  Does this apply to me?
    1. No.  However, you must submit a Temporary Waiver Form to the Enrollment Services Office.  The form is available for download at:
  1. Are there any exceptions to this regulation?
    1. Yes.
      1. i.     Students who are 30 years or older
      2. ii.     Students taking only 100% Distance Learning classes and have submitted a Temporary Waiver Form
      3. iii.     Continuing Education students enrolled in a course or program less than 360 contact hours
      4. iv.     Students with a signed affidavit or certificate from a licensed physician that states the vaccination would be injurious to the health of the student
      5. v.     Students who sign an affidavit stating that the student declines the meningitis vaccine for reasons of conscience including a religious belief.  A Conscientious Exemption Form from the Texas Department of State Health Services may be obtained at this site: (be advised it could take up to 2 weeks to obtain this form and it must be notarized)

  1. Where can I get the vaccination?
    1. Primary care physicians normally offer the meningitis vaccine.  The price of the vaccine depends on your insurance coverage and your physician’s practice.
    2. Through a public clinic, such as Harris County Health Department clinics.  You will need to contact the clinic for information on appointments and cost.
    3. Private pharmacy clinics
    4. The vaccine will be available on San Jacinto College campuses during New Student Orientation.  Contact the Office of Student Development for further information regarding dates and locations.  Note that payment for on-campus vaccinations must be made by cash, check, or credit card.  Health insurance will not be accepted.
  1. Where may I obtain additional information about meningitis?

The College website contains additional information.