North leaders gather for SWOT meeting

Dr. Allatia Harris reviews SWOT messages

Key administrators and faculty members from the North campus recently gathered for a SWOT meeting to discuss Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Under the direction of North campus President Dr. Allatia Harris (photo above), the campus leaders provided input by writing their comments and observations on sticky notes that were displayed on the walls. The sticky note messages were then reviewed and summarized.

North campus strengths listed by the group included collaboration among leaders, great academic reputation, friendly and helpful employees,a great baseball team, competent and dedicated educators, and good communication.

Weaknesses listed by the group included the need to offer more programs, the need of more hybrid courses, inadequate parking space, the need for more ethnic diversity among senior leadership, and the need to improve on the “one college” principle.

Opportunities included the growing allied health industry in the area, growing nearby subdivisions, better access to the campus due to new roadways, and veterans returning home with funding for education.

Threats included the lack of a local newspaper for marketing, inadequate preparation of some incoming students, competition form other private and public colleges, lack of bus service to the College, and economic uncertainties.

Photo below shows Amy Ammerman, North campus dean of enrollment services, and Eddie Foster, North campus welding department chair discussing the SWOT messages.

Amy Ammerman and Eddie Foster at the SWOT meeting