South campus College/Community Choir dessert sale Carnegie Hall fundraiser

The South campus College/Community Choir will be performing in New York’s Carnegie Hall on May 29. The group is currently holding fundraising activities help fund the trip.

Desserts from the “Sweet Street Desserts” company will be on sale from March 28 – April 8.  The desserts will arrive frozen on South Campus on April 28 or 29 and will be available for pick up at that time. Below is a list of desserts and prices available for purchase:

Individual Classic Coffee Cake                     $15.00

Lemon Cherry Mini Loaf                               $15.00

Lemon Crumb Bar                                         $15.00

Meltaways                                                      $15.00

Toffee Crunch Blondie                                   $15.00

New York Cheesecake                                   $25.00

Sandy’s Sour Cream Coffee Cake                $25.00

Summerberry Stack                                      $25.00

The Big Blitz with Snickers Bar Pie               $35.00

Caramel Apple Granny                                 $35.00

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie                        $35.00

Key Lime Pie                                                  $35.00

Molten Chocolate Cake                                 $35.00

Choc’late Lovin’ Spoon Cake                       $40.00

Crème Brulée Cheesecake                           $40.00

Desserts should be paid for upon placement of order. Cash and checks are accepted.  Checks should be made payable to “SJC.”  Write:  “For dessert sale” in the memo section.

Descriptions and photos of each item are available upon request or by visiting

Please email Cindy Stevens directly at to place an order or for more information on fundraising opportunities. Thank you for supporting the South campus College/Community Choir!