Dr. Goosen to serve as president-elect for National Association for Developmental Education

San Jacinto College dean of college preparatory, Dr. Rebecca Goosen, will serve as the 2011-2012 president-elect in preparation for position as president for the National Association for Developmental Education (NADE).

A member since 1999, Goosen already serves as the NADE national chair for professional development. She is also a reviewer for certification of developmental education programs in higher education.

“Developmental education is on a national stage right now,” said Goosen. “It’s important for us to have the voice of people who have experience within the field. We tend to be practitioners, but I want us to increase the research we do to validate our decisions.”

Developmental education not only addresses a student’s academic record, but also his or her social and personal issues and provides needed support, said Goosen. It’s about helping students reach their full potential at a higher education institution, no matter the challenges.

“Whether they came to us unprepared, or came to us college ready but still lacked skills to make them productive students, we need to know how we can help the students fill in the pieces and make them fully ready as quickly as possible,” said Goosen. ”

Goosen’s duties as 2011 NADE president-elect will include working closely with all 31 chapters in the United States and members in South Africa, Great Britain and the Pacific Rim. She’ll also work with the NADE leadership congress and special interest groups.

“The executive board of NADE is delighted that Dr. Goosen has been elected as the next president-elect,” said current NADE president-elect Jane A. Neuburger of Syracuse University. “Her leadership and experience at San Jacinto College through the Kellogg Institute at Appalachian State University and at Ferris State University and more will be assets to the association, as well as her leadership on the Texas Education Agency subcommittee for developmental education, the advisory board for developmental education with the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, her task force leadership for Achieving the Dream, and her membership in the Houston area P-16 Council.”

Goosen was also instrumental in the NADE certification of the college preparatory programs at San Jacinto College North. In addition to serving as San Jacinto College’s dean for college preparatory, the longtime educator served as the project director for Title V grant programs, and has served as associate dean for college preparatory for the North campus.

Before coming to the Houston area in 2000, she was the administrative coordinator for the University College’s First Year Seminar at Ferris State University (FSU) in Michigan. She holds a doctorate degree in developmental education from Grambling State University, and an education specialist degree in developmental education from Appalachian State University.

In establishment for more than 30 years, the National Association for Developmental Education seeks to improve the theory and practice of developmental education at all levels of the educational spectrum, the professional capabilities of developmental educators, and the design of programs to prepare developmental educators. The association focuses on the academic success of students by providing professional development, supporting student learning, providing public leadership, disseminating exemplary models of practice, coordinating efforts with other organizations, facilitating communication among developmental education professionals, and anticipating trends.