Supporting a worthy cause

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and employees of the North campus Counseling Center went all out to show their support.

The counseling center team set up tables in the student center and treated visitors to free punch and pastries.

Special gifts were presented to survivors, such as Betty Anderson, who works in the North campus police department, and Theresa Powell, who works in the North campus health science department.

The group photo shows counseling center employees who helped out in the worthy cause — (from left) back row: Shannon Hinton (Advisor/Recruiter), Sharon Himes (Counselor), Elke Ornelas ( Administrative Assistant II), Senta Eastern (Disability Counselor), Adriana Jones (Counselor), Jeremy Jones (Shared Counselor), and Chantee Walker (Advisor/Recruiter); front row: Michelle Alvarado (International Counselor), Deborah Longtine (Office Manager), Dr. Deborah Myles (Director of Educational and Counseling) and Verenice Mares (Administrative Assistant) .

Betty Anderson

Theresa Powell