‘Old dogs’ can make a big impact

Dr. Eddie Weller, social sciences department chair at South campus (shown in photo above), recently made a presentation before the board of trustees about “Running with the Old Dogs,” a program that has brought many new people into professional development at the College’s Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL).

Under the leadership of Ann Tate, the CETL offers numerous programs on all three campuses to strengthen teaching and learning at San Jacinto College.

“Running with the Old Dogs has been one of the most fun programs I have ever participated in,” Weller commented. “We developed it as a way to get more senior faculty involved in the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. Over the years, with some notable exceptions, most of the people attending programs at the CETL were newer faculty, most with less than five or 10 years of service to the college. While these programs had benefitted them greatly, many of the more senior faculty felt that the Center programs were not necessarily for them.”

Weller said another reason for hosting the Running with the Old Dogs program was the realization that there was no better way to strengthen the faculty than to draw upon the resident knowledge of some of the finest faculty in the nation. “We had some of the most seasoned faculty on the panels (to be considered you had to have 25 years of service with San Jacinto College),” Weller said. “’Lessons I Wish someone had taught me 20 Years Ago’ was a particularly fantastic session that featured professors Ava Good, Phyllis Rundhaug, and James Semones. As the ‘Old Dogs’ imparted their wisdom, the younger faculty members who came were excited to see fellow faculty who were still excited after all these years.”

Weller said the College’s “Old Dogs” have not only impacted generations over the last several decades, but through this program they have impacted future generations of students at San Jacinto College. “Their legacy of outstanding teaching and learning will continue through the lives of newer faculty that they have touched,” he commented. “What a wonderful thought as we approach the fiftieth anniversary of San Jacinto College.”