San Jacinto College SJC in collaboration with the…

San Jacinto College (SJC), in collaboration with the Consulate General of Spain in Houston, recently hosted the crowd favorite Solero Flamenco.

Under the direction of SJC guitar professor Jeremías García and Irma La Paloma, Solero Flamenco’s performance of “Unidos en Compás II” featured “Maestro de Bulerías” Timo Lozano, a native of Galveston who has performed and taught the art of flamenco in more than 15 countries. Guest bailaoras included Solangel “Lali” Calix, Edith Nino, Alexandra Simmons, Almoraima Esparis, and Laura Uribe. Chris Howard performed on percussion.

South campus President Dr. Maureen Murphy opened the show  by introducing Solero Flamenco to an audience that included representatives from the City of Houston and the Consulate General of Spain.

Solero Flamenco has appeared at numerous festivals and events and have produced two theatrical performances featuring original compositions, “Unidos en Compás” and “Amor Flamenco.” They will make an appearance at the South campus’ first flamenco festival in April; additional information will be announced in the near future.