Win-win partnership

From left, Best Buy employees Jamaal Mosley, Wales Brown, Mika Cowins, David Ellis, Jai'lon Lightfoot, Melinda Reyes, and Carlton Tatum (store manager) are shown donating equipment to North campus employees Ruth Keenan (Interim Career and Employment Coordinator), and Clare Ianelli (Dean of Student Development).

The Best Buy store located near San Jacinto College North recently donated five iPod Nano devices to the Career and Employment Center at North campus. The iPods will be distributed to North campus students (at student drawings) during various campus-wide events during the school year.

Best Buy supports programs that provide opportunities for youth, with a mission “to provide positive experiences that help students excel in school, engage in their communities, and develop leadership skills.”

“The North campus Career and Employment Center has worked closely with our local Best Buy during this past year to foster opportunities for our students,” commented Ruth Keenan, North campus Interim Career and Employment Coordinator. “They have provided us with iPods for gift prizes, employment opportunities for our students, and sponsorship for our events, particularly our Career Quest Event 2010, which will be held at the North campus on October 20 and 21. We believe this win-win partnership will continue to grow for the benefit of our students and our community. Thank you Best Buy!”