Now available on the San Jac website

Dear San Jac Faculty and Staff,

New state and federal laws were passed that require institutions to make certain information available beginning this Fall to students and the general public regarding the course syllabus, faculty credentials, textbooks and costs, the institutional budget, and available Work Study positions. A Task Force was assembled to design the compliance plan for San Jacinto College. The plan is as follows:

Information regarding the syllabus and faculty credentials has been incorporated into the search feature in the Course Finder module on our website. (The Course Finder is an option under MY SANJAC) Please note that Course Finder is currently not available due to Banner being closed for the Fiscal Year End Closing Process. Course Finder will be operational again once Banner opens on Wednesday, Sept. 1 at 8 a.m.

Please follow the instructions in the “Help” tab in Course Finder and you will be able to easily view these components. It is important to note that additional work will be done to further develop the Syllabus information. You should have already received information that the Credentials information may also need to be updated.

Once the “schedule” is created in Course Finder, the critical information can be loaded into the Bookstore online system and the required textbooks and costs will be displayed. You will be directed to the Barnes & Noble official site to enter this information. Additionally, links have been created to view the Institutional Budget and the open Work Study positions.

For an easy reference to all the links above, please open the article in the features section of the San Jacinto College website ( titled “Now… Available on the Website.”

Thank you to the Task Force that worked so diligently to ensure San Jacinto College’s compliance with these new regulations. Have a great Fall semester!