Employee’s art showcased in campus president’s office

The group attending the unveiling of the artwork included (from left): Greg Snyder (Central Campus Catalogue Librarian), Neva Howard (Central Campus Library Assistant II), Dr. Barbara M. Hanson (Central Campus Vice President of Instruction), Dolores Cantu (Central Campus Library Assistant), Dr. H. Neil Matkin (Central Campus President), Bonnie Chavez-SanGennaro (Central Campus Administrative Assistant to the Director of Library Services), Karen Blankenship (Central Campus Director of Library Services), Leslie Horton (Central Campus Administrative Assistant to the President).

Dr. Neil Matkin, president of the Central campus, has a fond appreciation of good art. During a faculty and staff art show held at the campus he was particularly impressed with paintings by Dolores Cantu, who is an office assistant at the Central campus library.

“There were many good works at the show, but something about Dolores’ paintings just really spoke to me,” Dr. Matkin commented. Two of Dolores’ paintings are now prominently displayed in the President’s office, and he says they rank among his favorite artworks.

One painting, which Dolores titled “Wait,” features a close-up view of cowboy boots and a vibrant yellow flower. Another painting, which she titled “Finally,” features four free-spirited horses running together. A distinct characteristic of the painting is the wild looking manes of the colorful horses.

“No matter what, I can look at the wonderful painting of those horses and it just puts a big smile on my face,” remarked Dr. Matkin.

Dolores has been painting since childhood. “I just thought that everyone painted,” she said. “As a child, I watched as my Dad painted, and I tried to do it the same way.” She has always painted as a hobby, giving away many of her works. “I have never sold any of them. I have never thought of that, but maybe it’s something to think about,” she said.