Code Blue Emergency Phones Information

In an effort to increase dependability, all Code Blue Emergency Phone Units are now hardwired digital phones.  It is with great pleasure to inform you that all units are now working, with exception to the units located in construction areas on Central and North campuses as indicated below. SJC electricians have placed all units on a preventive maintenance program to help ensure reliability whenever assistance is needed.  Code Blue Emergency Phones provide immediate access to the college police dispatcher.  Units are located in the following areas.  They will be identified on future directional maps.

North Campus
· Spencer Admin
· Slovacek SCB
· Lot D
· Lot B
· Lot A
· Baseball Field
· New Lot, north side of Diesel Auto Body (under construction)

Central Campus
· Lot 1 (under construction)
· Lot 2 (under construction)
· Davis Library
· Lot 7
· Lot 8
· Pro Shop

South Campus
· Lot 1
· Lot 2
· Lot 5
· Jones Vo-Tec
· Lot 3
· Longenecker Admin
· Lot 12
· Lot 13