Important news from the Facilities & Construction office

All San Jacinto College employees are urged to read the following important letter from Bryan Jones, Associate Vice Chancellor of Facilities & Construction, which contains news about the department’s new Request for Facilities Services process.

Dear San Jacinto College Community,

The Facilities & Construction Department is excited to introduce our new Request for Facilities Services (RFS) process.  We developed the process to better serve all employees and departments of the College by more effectively managing facility renovation, furniture orders, construction and alteration requests.

You may obtain copies of the new RFS form from these locations:

1.       The SJCD website <>

2.       Directly from the Facilities & Construction Department <> , or

3.       Your campus Administrative Dean/Facilities Services Coordinator (Dr. James Braswell, Don Spies, and Joseph Hebert).

When completing the RFS form, please provide us with as much information as possible about your project. This will help us assign the appropriate personnel to your request, and to understand the possible relationships to other existing work.

Prior to submitting RFS forms, you should obtain the appropriate approvals from your respective campus president or vice chancellor.

Once approved, please submit the form to the office of Associate Vice Chancellor of Facilities & Construction.

Forms may be submitted by email or interoffice mail.

Email –

Address –        District Administration Building, Suite 207

4624 Fairmont Parkway

Pasadena 77504

Once your RFS form has been received and the information entered into our project management information system, you will receive a receipt confirmation message.

As part of this new RFS process, the Facilities & Construction department will maintain a listing of all project information on the College website.

We believe this new process will streamline operations so that employees can devote more time to important educational tasks.

The new process will also assure efficient use of College resources by prioritizing all projects collectively, supporting the One-College initiative.

We are looking forward to working with all of you on your current and upcoming projects. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Your Facilities & Construction Department