Employees help children provide Mother’s Day gifts

Business office employee, Anita Dewease, submitted the following information and photos. The Watercooler salutes you for your contribution to our community, and wanted to share this with fellow SJC employees.

“Since I am a Mary Kay consultant, I was contacted by a Mary Kay Director to participate in a fund raising event. Several SJC employees donated funds that were used to purchase Mary Kay products at my cost plus taxes and shipping. Those items were packaged as individual gifts with blank cards and distributed to children who are undergoing cancer treatment at MD Anderson and Texas Children’s Hospital so they could in turn give the gifts to their moms for Mother’s Day. I was able to collect enough funds for 19 baskets! Unfortunately, the SJC group that made the donations are not in the picture.  The individuals you see are other consultants and directors who actually made the deliveries. The smiles on the children’s faces is heart rendering. The event is such a unique idea. I don’t know of any other fund raising event like it and I was so happy to be asked to participate. I was so honored with the number of SJC employees that made contributions, although I’m not surprised. SJC employees are some of the most generous thoughtful individuals I have ever met. I hope this inspires others to think about participating next year and to be grateful for their healthy children!”

Thank you to everyone who contributed!