A Celebration of Life

A solemn moment at the conclusion of the Hyacinth Memorial ceremony.

Faculty and staff members gathered recently at the North campus for the Hyacinth Memorial, a ceremony to honor San Jacinto College employees who have passed away.

This year’s Hyacinth Memorial was dedicated to David Richards, a math professor who taught at all three campuses. Dr. Jerry Tate, math professor at the South campus, paid tribute to Richards, who began teaching at the Central campus in 1965 and retired in 1992 due to complications from Parkinson’s disease. Richards passed away this year.

Richards began teaching math on the Central campus in 1965, then moved to the North campus when it opened in 1975. He was the first full-time math professor at the North campus and the first to serve as mathematics department chair. About 10 years later, Richards moved to the South campus to teach math, and it was there that he was forced to retire due to illness.

“So far as I know, David was the only teacher in the history of San Jacinto College who taught full-time on all three campuses at different times in his career,” commented Tate.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, attendees gathered at an outdoor memorial stone for a brief benediction, which was followed by the playing of “Taps.”

The Hyacinth Memorial planning committee includes Allatia Harris, Kaye Caley, LaVena Wilder, Rosemarie Munoz, Randy Snyder, Edgar Moore, Serita Dickey, Gary Friery, Clare Iannelli, Jan Wilson, Charlotte Jackson, Judy Hendley, Don Clayton, Margaret Black, and Kingchi Au.