District employee gets a kick out of dancing

Nancy McShane

San Jac’s own Nancy McShane gets a kick out of dancing as a member of the Houston Rockets “Space City Seniors.”

The group dances at one Rockets home game a month, and their performance usually lasts about a minute during a timeout.

“So far we have only performed at Rockets’ games, although we were told in the beginning there might be other events we would be called upon to represent the Rockets, but it hasn’t happened yet,” Nancy commented.

So, how did Nancy get involved in the Space City Seniors? “Last year was the ‘pilot’ year, and involvement was through word-of-mouth,” she replied. “We had about 20 members, including five men. Tryouts were held last August for this year, and we ended up with 22 members, including four men.”

Nancy has worked full-time at the District office for 20 years, first in the Business Office, then in Purchasing, and now in the Safety office since last October. “I have taken my job with me at each move, and my title is Insurance Specialist,” she said.