Professor’s work included in academic newsletter

Janice Di Falco

Congratulations to Janice Di Falco, nursing professor at the Central campus, who had an item included in “Brain Research and Instruction,” an academic newsletter produced by noted educator and speaker Dr. Janet Zadina.

The Spring 2010 newsletter included a copy of Di Falco’s “Student Success Agreement,” a “contract” in which a student commits to partner with a teacher to work toward positive educational outcomes together. Di Falco’s student contract contains very specific guidelines and is designed to foster a structured, orderly classroom learning environment.

“I am very proud to represent San Jacinto College and have already begun to receive request by readers of the newsletter requesting permission to use my tools,” Di Falco commented. “I want to acknowledge the distinguished faculty recognition program and the QEP program that I participate in that stimulated me to develop creative new strategies for student success.”

A copy of the newsletter that contains Di Falco’s “Student Success Agreement” is available online at:

Thank you professor Di Falco for sharing such a valuable resource with your colleagues.