Become an organ donor and help the grandson of one of our own

Jonathon Comstock is the grandson of Susan Bremer, administrative assistant for dual credit at the Central campus.

Susan Bremer, administrative assistant for the dual credit program at the Central campus, and her family need the help of the San Jac community. In January, her 23-year-old grandson Jonathon Comstock, was diagnosed with a previously undetected disease which has destroyed his kidneys. As a result, the Boston College student is at Houston’s Methodist Hospital awaiting a transplant. He is on dialysis three days a week, every week until a donor can be found. Jonathon is an only child, and his mother is also an only child; therefore, the family donor pool is not very large.

This is where youthe San Jac family – come in to play. Jonathon needs a kidney donation. Here are the basic facts you must know before offering to donate.
•    You have to be the right blood type (O)
•    You must be between the ages of 18-70
•    You also need to be in reasonably good health (ex: not diabetic, no high blood pressure, reasonably normal weight) and willing to donate (ex: not pressured by family to donate, not doing so out of guilt, etc.)
•    You do not have to be a relative; medical advancements have made it possible for even complete strangers to successfully donate kidneys.

Once you know you meet the basic criteria above, you have one more step to consider. While the donor evaluation testing and donation itself are covered by Jonathon’s insurance, time away from work and travel expenses are not. The surgery will involve being away from work 3-6 weeks (depending on who you are, the work you do, how well you handle the surgery, etc.). From a travel expense perspective, if you are the selected donor, assistance may be available, but that may not cover all of your costs.  If you cannot afford the time away, being a donor is probably not a good fit at this time. Regardless, if you are considering donating, you are encouraged to read more at

If you think you might be a match and are willing to help, please complete the donor intake form and send it to Kim Stanley, clinical coordinator assistant at Methodist Hospital, via fax (713-791-5044) or e-mail ( Once you send this in you will be placed on the potential donor list and will then be contacted by the transplant center to coordinate all of the remaining testing and general scheduling. If you have any questions regarding what you need to do prior to the donor evaluation, please call Kim Stanley at 713-441-8312. None of us – including Jonathon – will know whether you did or did not offer to be a donor; this is a great way to ensure donations are completely strings-free.

Thanks for your help in helping one of our own!