Introducing the San Jac Card

San Jacinto College (SJC) is partnering with the financial company Higher One to implement a faster way for students to receive their financial aid.

Beginning in April, all SJC students will receive a San Jac Card in the mail, whether they are scheduled to receive financial aid or not. This debit MasterCard will ensure faster delivery of funds through electronic means, ending the process of issuing paper financial aid checks.

“We decided to select Higher One as our refund distribution company at San Jacinto College because we wanted to lower our overall costs of the refund process,” said Bill Dickerson, director of accounting and financial services. “Higher One has a nationwide presence with proven expertise in the field of refund management. We also liked the fact that they are dedicated to higher education.”

It is important that students activate their San Jac Card immediately upon arrival, via the Web site listed on the back of the card, and keep it throughout their entire duration with the College for future financial aid uses. New incoming SJC students will be issued their San Jac Cards at the beginning of each semester.

During the activation process, students will be asked to confirm their primary e-mail and mailing addresses and select from a number of electronic options on how they would like to receive their funds.

“Students no longer have to wait for a check in the mail, or wait in long lines to pick it up on campus,” said Aaron Poach, campus relations coordinator with Higher One. “Rather, the money is transferred more quickly and safer than before through the San Jac card.”

Students may also opt to open a OneAccount, an FDIC-Insured checking account provided by Higher One. Other advantages with the San Jac Card include worldwide MasterCard acceptance, text message and e-mail notifications, and online bill pay. Parents may also deposit money onto card.

Once a student graduates, he or she may choose to continue using their San Jac Card, continuing their affiliation with the College.

More information about the San Jac Card can be found online at