Community Day focuses on student success

Community Day was an "all-hands-on-deck" gathering

Every faculty member and support staff employee from all three campuses gathered on Feb. 16 at Slocomb Auditorium on the Central campus for College Community Day to focus on “In Pursuit of the Student Success Agenda.”

The “all-hands-on-deck” gathering was reportedly the first time in the College’s history that every employee assembled for such a meeting.

Central campus President Dr. Neil Matkin opened the meeting with a warm welcome, and then Chancellor Dr. Brenda Hellyer provided an overview of the events and activities planned for the day.

Keynote speakers Bryon McClenney and Brad Phillips presented a statistical analysis that focused on course completion rates and success rates of a group of first-time-in-college students.

Next, Edna Turner and Jonathan Gutierrez (aka rap artist “Baby Jay”) talked about their experiences as San Jacinto College students. Gutierrez shared how attending the College was helping him break out of a negative and destructive lifestyle by helping him develop self-discipline. Turner talked in glowing terms about many San Jacinto College employees who have provided valuable help to her, including James Semones, Eric Taylor, Kaye Moon Winters, Dr. Deborah Myles, Ronald Hopkins, and Sergio Garcia.

Employees had opportunities to share ideas and insights when they assembled in smaller focus groups that featured a fun and constructive ice-breaker (2 teams competing to see who could construct the highest Tinker-toy tower), as well as lively group discussions.

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